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Weight Loss - Weight Loss at Detox Oasis Fitness Retreat.   Starting at $1600.00 a week when you bring a friend call 812-709-0827.

The Detox, Cleansing, Juice Fasting Program

If you do the juice fasting , cleansing, detox retreat program you will lose weight quick. If you need to lose weight fast for a reunion, a wedding, or other event, you are looking at the right place. Weight loss may range between 12-15 lbs in 6 days!  Results vary depending on current weight, physical activities and current metabolic conditions.

Don't think that if you are 5'8" and only 130 pounds that you will drop 20 pounds! The factors include how overweight you are and how well you stick to the schedule at the detox retreat center.  Program supplements and serving sizes may be individualized per person based on their requirements.

During my most recent fast, I went from 210 to 196 in 5 days. I lost 14 pounds even though started the program quite fit.   Ask our clients and look at our testimonials pages.  Results vary. 

Many people come to fast and cleanse to lose weight for a special occasion. They want to look good for a wedding, reunion or special event. One body builder needed to cut his body fat for a competition and photo shoot he was attending the next week. Most people simply want better health and to look good fast...Here is your jump start ! 

NEW PROGRAM - Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs- Extended Stay Weight Loss Camp

We now offer long term medically supervised weight loss at the Detox Oasis retreat. After the initial 2 plus pounds a day you will lose during initial cleanse, we now offer a program that will allow you to lose about 1 pound per day. Recently we've had three long term clients with weight loss goals that ranged from 20 to 25 lbs per month.

Ask about these special rates and....long term intern programs at the Oasis fasting center and fitness boot camp.

The Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program includes:

  • All foods prepared for you creating a perfect balance of proteins/carbs/fats
  • Protein shakes
  • Medical appointments with staff doctor
  • Prescriptions written as needed case by case- (if medically suitable)
  • Hormone replacement - (if medically suitable)
  • Vitamin B injections- (if medically suitable) 
  • Cooking classes so you will leave here knowing how to prepare foods to maintain the new fit & lean you !
  • (Actual prescription medicines are not included in the program price)
  • Hikes
  • Personal Training
  • Yoga
  • Lodging
  • Vitamins
  • Everything except massages and medications.

DETOX Retreat at the OASIS....Your choice between 100% Natural & Organic or Natural & Organic with a western medical advantage.

We are here for both your short term instant results and to start you on your life long journey of better health!

If your goal in attending our center is weight loss then you have found the right place to spend a week or more ! We will set you up on a training regimen that will help you shed pounds and inches during your stay. The Detox Oasis fasting center is about cleansing our bodies of toxins. The side benefit is the weight loss that comes along with the program.

Here we will teach you about diet and proper exercise thru hands on training. We will also give you a program that you will take home to follow to continue with your weight loss at home.  Plus, we will talk on the phone with you and help you find a suitable personal trainer or yoga teacher back in your home town to help communicate your fitness goals.

New Medical Weight Loss Video Conference Service!

Can't attend our Fitness retreat or Detox retreat at the ranch in southern Indiana or in Costa Rica? We now offer a medical live video teleconference with our weight loss physician. Meet with the doctor on line before you arrive the Oasis. Get your blood work done in advance and arrive the Oasis ahead of the program.

Our Doctor teaches at the IU medical school in Bloomington, Indiana. He is board certified in both medically supervised weight loss programs and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

The cost for this service is about $250.00 for the initial consultation.   Some follow-up appointments are available via Skype but this depends on your individual situation.  Other clients follow-up with their personal physician after returning home.

Detox Program  and  Fasting Program Are Perfect To Jump Start Fitness

Most people only need a "jump start" to get on a good fitness & weight loss program. If you could lose between 10 & 15 lbs in 6 days we would call that a good "jump start " to your weight loss goals. Its amazing what looking in the mirror and seeing yourself 15 to 20 lbs lighter will do for your motivation. Most people actually start to work harder as they want even more weight loss and firmer muscles. Only its easier now as they have the experience and training with them from the Oasis fitness retreat center.

We are here to teach you how to get fit and lose the pounds you want to lose as you transition into higher calorie programs and intensify your exercise regimen.

We are not just a weight loss programů but it's a nice benefit of our program.

If our schedule does not fit yours or you simply want to get started today, give us a call. We may be able to fit you in and get you going on a one on one fast or a video medical call.

Using a Free Diet and Weight Loss Journal is can help you succeed with your weight loss goals by keeping track and understanding your personal success.

We recommend to help with follow-up tracking after you return home.  It's a free on-line program that helps you create goals, track food, log weight loss activity and see progress.  It's used by lots of our clients and over 6 million users.

Dave Marshall

Important Information: After you cleanse with us, we often refer people with weight loss goals to a Medical Doctor who specializes in weight loss. Some of our weight loss clients transition to a medically supervised program. You may just want help to overcome a weight loss plateau and lose the last ten pounds after a long weight loss journey or pregnancy.  You may have had a life long struggle with obesity.  It's not your fault and there is hope for change. The reason we "push the weights" at our center is simply because it helps keep you from losing muscle while on a restricted calorie detox diet or juice fast . One pound of new muscle will burn an additional 3500 calories a week. will drop an additional pound of fat a week if you add one pound of muscle. Get with Dave to discuss the "math" behind the weight loss. Here you will learn how easy weight lifting is and how you will lose weight using weights to improve your progress.

Call 812-709-0827 Detox Dave cell Dave's email:

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Please consult your physician before implementing any new diet, exercise, and dietary supplement programs, especially if you have preexisting medical conditions or are taking prescribed medications. The statements made in this website are for educational purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.

Individual results may vary.

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