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Packages & Disclaimers - Starting at $1600.00 per session: 812-295-6235.  Take a look at what our packages include (and don't include) as well as important information to know before starting a fast, juice fast, fitness retreat or cleanse. Weight loss or Fitness foods

What's Included In the DETOX / FASTING Program


Our most popular program- Detox-Fasting-Fitness & Cleanse

When you need to lose 10 pounds or more or just get a good cleanse !

Here is the list of what you will get in the detox -fasting - Fitness & cleansing retreat package:

  • Accommodations for the full 5 night, 6 day detox retreat (Sunday 3PM - Saturday Noon)
  • ALL of the supplements used during your detox to maximize efficiency and results. Our supplements support and aid your body during this powerful cleanse. Supplements are top-of-the line to guarantee maximum performance.
  • Personal Training, Colonics, Wheatgrass, Detox Shakes, Spirulina & Algae, Probiotics, Herbs & more. 
  • Daily Yoga or guided stretch sessions to balance and heal your body
  • Herbs and supplements and juices for and effective detox
  • Daily Gym workouts with a personal trainer or group weight training workouts
  • Abdominal Workout Routine offered daily
  • Morning hike to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping
  • Cardio twice a day for individual or group opportunities
  • Plyo-metrics or "jump training" or "static pose" modifications on cardio
  • Access to sauna. 
  • Daily colonics for a squeaky clean colon! (See our page on this site explaining colon cleansing.)
  • Our special liver cleanse may help detox your body (with 5 or 7 -day cleanse).
  • Learn to grow sprouts and Wheatgrass - We can teach you in the on-site grow room.  (Seasonally available. Ask for details.)
  • Oxygen therapy while doing cardio!  Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is a powerful detox method.
  • Aftercare nutrition and recipes, recommendations in daily conversations.  Our program book is available on Amazon.  Ask about limited books signed by the author available at the retreat.
  • Raw foods demonstration on how to make Energy Soup.  Some recipes are similar to Energy Soup recipes from Ann Wigmore, cleansing pioneer of the raw movement.


Our long term life change program- How to make it work at home and stick. A serious take away program for life long food & fitness knowledge.

This program is designed for the person(s) who need to learn how to make it all work at home in the "real world"-  after the retreat weeks are over. Here you learn how either continue losing 3 to 7 lbs a week after returning home or, how to maintain your weight and fitness at a level you are happy with. For many, it's a reminder jump start retreat for those who have just slipped a bit.

Here is the list of what you will get in the Life long foods & fitness retreat package:

  • Accommodations for the full 5 night, 6 day food & fitness retreat (Sunday 3PM thru Saturday Noon)
  • Meals and or protein shakes based upon your goals- meals are all 40-40-20 protein carbs  and fats.
  • Group Personal Training, Colonics, Wheatgrass, Spirulina & Algae, Probiotics, herbs & more!
  • Daily Yoga sessions to balance and heal your body
  • Herbs, supplements & juices
  • Daily Gym workouts with a personal trainer or group weight training workouts
  • Abdominal Workout Class every day
  • Morning hike to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping
  • Cardio twice a day
  • Plyo-metrics or "jump training" when you wish
  • Skin brushing in the sauna. The brush will be supplied.
  • Daily colonics for a squeaky clean colon! (See our page on this site explaining colon cleansing.)
  • Our special liver cleanse may further detox your body (with 5 or 7 -day cleanse).
  • How to grow sprouts and Wheatgrass - We will teach you in the on-site grow room
  • Huldah Clark Parasite Zapper available.
  • Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT).  
  • Aftercare nutrition and raw recipe class & recommendations so you can take it all home 
  • Raw foods preparations class on how to make several dishes. 
  • Daily cooking discussions- How to make these foods at home. You can work along side chefs so your take home program includes healthy eating !
  • How to do it at home advice- You will leave the program with no guess work on what you need to do when you return home to either maintain weight or continue losing weight.
  • Macronutrient and Calorie Track Training- We can help determine targets to help maintain or lose weight by using calipers, body fat percentages and scale weight personal training techniques. We recommend some programs based on personal success of our team and our clients.  
  • Workout program training- What workouts you will need to to at home  to either maintain weight or continue losing weight. ( What we do here during your week is not sustainable ! ) This is a week about you ! You can expect fitness routine of about 50 min a day 3 times a week for maintenance and 50 minutes a day  6 days a week for weight loss

EXTRAS - if you want to add value to your program

NOTE: If you stay three weeks or longer, the airport pick up is free!

  • Reiki treatments- On site - $50 per one hour- Paid to the Reiki specialist.  
  • Massages- On site or in area day spa. -$50 to $75 per one hour- Paid directly to the massage therapist. Price varies based on the individual massage therapist rates. Prices subject to change. For on-site appointments, please schedule advance reservation.
  • Pluto Mineral bath at the French Lick Springs Resort & Spa (We can do a field trip there. Transportation only will be provided.)  Spa services are available by reservation from the full service resort spa menu. The price for a bath is $40.00 to $45.00.
  • Additional:  One-on-one personal training can be scheduled at the Oasis ranch gym (Group training is included with the regular program.)
  • Indianapolis: IND Airport pick up and return is $125.00 each way paid directly to the driver
  • Louisville: SDF Airport pick up and return is $100.00 each way paid directly to the driver
  • Bloomington, IN: It is only $50.00 for pick up from Bloomington, Indiana.  There is a $16-$25 shuttle that will get you from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington,IN , via the airport shuttle. That is what most of our guests opt to do. NOTE: If you stay three weeks or longer, the airport pick up is free!  Note: if you cannot arrive at the Oasis before 9:00 PM please make hotel arrangements for a next day arrival.
  • Visit with Dr. Andry our Medical weight loss  & hormone expert.

Our Disclaimer

We reserve the right alter the detox program at any point.  Amendments are generally only made to better serve and support our guests. Any changes or special nutrition requirements may result in additional fee.  Medical services and massage services are not included in our program.  These services are available at an additional fee paid directly to the provider with separate office policies and procedures.

Important Notice that you need To read Before you start your Cleanse with us.

Before beginning a cleansing program, please be advised that your health is your own responsibility.

Please read this carefully:   

     Neither I nor the staff at The Detox Oasis are a  MEDICAL AUTHORITY or ADVISOR. Should you have any DOUBTS about your HEALTH, MEDICATIONS or ANY PREEXISTING CONDITION(s), PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER FIRST. Please don't ask the staff at the center if you should stop taking medicines, ask your doctor!

Cleanses are different for every person and each time that you conduct a cleanse/detox your body may react differently.

Occasionally, I personally have a tough time during the first four days of a cleanse.  However, the last cleanse I did, I performed heavy physical labor at the ranch for five days in intense heat and I worked out every day for hour. Sure, I felt a little weak, but I was able to continue working while functioning surprisingly well.

I personally lost 14 pounds in those five days and my teenage son lost 11 pounds. After the fast he said to me "Now I get it" and he couldn't wait to see his older brother to show off  his new lean body. Of course his brother said, "I'm doing a fast at the next retreat."  

Most of the time for me, its not that easy to cleanse/detox. In the past, some of my clients and I have personally experienced the following symptoms or side effects:

Fever, headaches, random body aches, fatigue, skin eruptions (rash), emotional irritability (mood swings), gas, temporary constipation or diarrhea, temporary loss of menstruation or onset of menstruation, vomiting, nausea, rapid heart rate, hot and cold flashes (cold and hot sweats) and possible light-headedness or sleepiness.

If you experience these side effects, you can transition into another program that makes you feel more comfortable.  Sometimes these side effects are only temporary.  It's best to consult your physician.

At the end of the juice cleanse some people feel so good that they are euphoric! In many cases, their eyes get bright, their skin tends to clear up, their stomach is flat and their faces look lean and healthy!

Remember, at some point  people start saying things like, "You look great!" One of the things I personally like about a cleanse is that my muscles are no longer sore. I workout about every day with either weights, cardio or just working on the ranch doing manual labor. I personally know its time for me to do a cleanse when I begin to get sore after working out or working hard labor.

It is really is a cool thing to wake up in the morning and not feel any pain or soreness in my body after a tough workout the day before.....And, to wake up with an exceptional clear head.

Since menstruation is a form of cleansing, the detox retreat can offset regular cycles. It is usually a good idea for women to come prepared for this, "just in case", if applicable.

Pregnant or nursing women are NOT allowed on the detox retreat since intense fasting is not recommended for expectant or nursing mothers.   

If you are coming off of caffeine or sugar, please remember that you may experience some withdrawal symptoms like headache and nausea. This usually clears up quickly as detox is the fastest way to get something out of your body.

Cleansing retreats & detox retreats are a centuries old practice. I did not develop this idea of a fasting retreat.  However,  I did modify the program based on my years of experiences with raw foods, fasting and cleansing programs. I can tell you that most people experience more joy than they have in years by the end of the cleanse.  Juice Fasting is a natural "anti-depressant" in my opinion. Our cleanses can be very powerful with a group dynamic or a very personal retreat in nature's grounded setting. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish on your fitness goals through hard work and determination!

Our job is to guide you through your cleansing program and juice fasting program to give you the support and tools you need to succeed. Your job is to have an open mind and follow the program during your stay at the Detox Oasis fasting retreat and fitness retreat.

At Detox Oasis, you can return home without unwanted pounds and excess body fat.   Bury the waste and get rid of the toxins so you can start living a healthier lifestyle.   If you have positive suggestions inspirations and successes, let's exchange ideas. 

Feel free to contact us:

Call 812-709-0827 Detox Dave cell
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