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1 on 1 Personal Fast - Starting at $2500.00 a week. A One on one fasting retreat is designed for the busy person who can not make arrangements to attend one of our regular retreat sessions.
Dave Marshall.  Day 7 of my fast in Thailand.  I put this photo here to make a point. You can train hard while cleansing and you can retain Lean Body Mass by using essential amino acids building blocks.

A fast/detox retreat does not mean that you need to be sitting in bed with a book all day. 
This cleanse is just one week to ten days for your life. Make the most of it! Allow me to work you hard when you detox.  I'll get you results that you will see and feel!
Detox Dave
Note: If you want to stay in bed all day with a book, that's ok too! It's your personal fast & detox not mine. I'm just here to help you get out of it what ever you wish! Relaxing or fitness based.
One-on-one Cleanses for Busy people on the go
Conducted at your Home or our Location!
  • If  I'm at your place and you are working, I'll prepare your herbs and your juices for you to take to work, I'll meet you in the gym or yoga studio in the morning before you go to to work. Or, on your lunch break, after work.... Or, all three if you wish  whatever your schedule allows- I'm your personal detox/training coach all week.
  • In the evening and, if your time allows, I'll assist you in making a fitness and diet plan, I will show you how to keep the momentum of your program moving ahead and explain how the after care program works so you stay focused.
  • I'll shop for the veggies needed while you are attending to your daily responsibilities. In short, Ill take over all aspects of this cleanse and your fitness this week so your life during this time can be as normal as possible.
  • I'll even have your colonic board set up and walk you through your colon cleanse.
 The one on one program is basically the same as the group sessions in Indiana. ( Just more personal attention) The daily one on one personal fitness training is included in the fee and,if I come to you, I travel with a portable colonic board!
I will personally work with you for 5 or 7 days here at our Indiana center or, I will travel to your home or location and facilitate your cleanse in your home and train you at your nearby gym.
One on one fasting is designed for the busy person who can not make arrangements to attend one of our regular retreat sessions or, the person who simply prefers to make their fast & cleanse a more private affair.
Listed here is what you can expect with a one on one cleanse at our facility in Indiana or if I come to your home and facilitate your cleanse and train you in the gym.
  • Accommodations for 5/6 nights (Sunday Friday/Saturday, depending if it is a 5 or 6-day cleanse) on our beautiful ranch or at your place. It it's at your place, I'll need a nearby hotel.
  • EVERYTHING that is needed to cleanse most effectively and intensely in the shortest period of time. All of these supplements do several important things.
  • These supplements aid and accelerate the detoxification and purification of the body. They provide support and nourishment for the body and improve energy production. They stimulate and facilitate the release of toxins from our most important organs. They also facilitate the removal of toxins from the digestive and eliminative systems. They benefit every organ, every system, every joint and every cell in the body. These supplements do not require a lot of digestion and, therefore, do not interrupt the cleansing process.
Examples of the cleansing and nutritional herbs and support are:
  • Kidney Detox teas, lemon & lime  water, electrolyte drinks, Colloidal silver, Ocean minerals, Psyllium, Bentonite clay, probiotics, wheat grass, chlorophyll, enzymes, fresh organic juice,organic soups, drinks to stabilize your blood sugar and a special detoxification drink taken three times a day that includes bentonite clay & psyllium husks.

There are talks with me personally on cleansing that will support you during and after your detoxification and transformation. Remember knowledge is power. You want to know why are you are doing what you are doing to have a lasting impact on your life. Also how to continue on your journey when you get home.

Here is the list services & the stuff of what you will get for your investment.

  • All the herbs and supplements & juices you will require to effectively detox
  • Daily Yoga sessions to balance and heal your body
  • Daily Gym workouts
  • Abs class every day
  • Morning hike to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping
  • Meditation classes - Available certain dates
  • Skin brushing in the sauna. The brush will be furnished.
  • Daily colonics for a squeaky clean colon! (See our page on this site explaining colon cleansing, colema board and benefits of cofee enemas.)
  • Daily Finnish sauna or Infrared sauna. This is a great way to assist the detoxification process
  • Our special "Thai" recipe liver cleanse that will further detox your body (with 5 or 7 -day cleanse).
  • How to grow sprouts and Wheat grass- We can teach you hands on in our grow room or, your home
  • Lectures in our grain silo every day, all about health, cleansing and fitness
  • Oxygen therapy while doing cardio!  We suggest that you read articles on line about this powerful detox method- EWOT- Exercise With Oxygen Therapy
  • After care nutrition recommendationsto suit your lifestyle
  • Raw foods preparations class- Learn how to make Ann Wigmore Energy Soup!
  • Your accommodations at the oasis or my accommodations at your place or hotel
If it's at your place, then you cover standard travel expenses i.e. mileage or airfare etc. The program & personal training is free for up to two people.
            IT'S THIS SIMPLE
  • I supply the herbs, colonic stuff, personal training, motivation  & items listed above.
  • You supply a room or hotel for me, you buy the veggies for the juices.
  • Together we get you fit and clean your body.
Cost you ask for Dave to perform a personal one on one just for you all week?

                             $3500.00 per week at The Oasis person
                             $7000.00 at your place.....up to two people

Sometimes the lower rate and, the group here at the ranch make more sense for some people. on one fitness only programs ! 

See:  And I'm your personal fitness chef!

This fast/cleanse/one on one program rate is based on up to two people at your location. I'll train you and a friend for the same rate as a single.

Call: 812-709-0827 Detox Dave cell
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