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Location-Transportation Arrangements
Location -Travel - We offer airport pick-ups from Louisville, Kentucky SDF and Indianapolis, Indiana IND for an additional fee.  Ask about making travel arrangements to our detox fitness camps in Indiana.

Location and Travel Arrangements

Detox Oasis Fitness Camps are held at Elk Ridge Ranch located 9 miles from French Lick, Indiana in the rolling hills of southern, Indiana.  Our fitness camps are surrounded by 600 acres of private land and other rural country homes in a secluded  nature environment.  Our clients appreciate that the stars are bright and the oxygen content is high in the country!

  • Detox Oasis  fitness camp is 90 miles from Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Detox Oasis Fitness Camp is 70 miles from Louisville, Kentucky.

If you are travelling by air, the closest airports are:

  • Louisville International Airport, Louisville, Kentucky - Airport ID:  SDF
  • Indianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis, Indiana - Airport ID:  IND

We can help make travel arrangements from the closest airports to the Detox Oasis Fitness Camp in southern Indiana.

From Indianapolis International Airport:

Purchase a Shuttle ticket from the airport to Bloomington, Indiana.   It is necessary to make prior arrangements for our driver to pick you up at the designated hotel drop-off point during designated hours.  You may need to make hotel reservations near the airport or at the shuttle drop-off point if your pick-up times are not scheduled in advance.   Call 812-295-6235 for details.

You will be responsible for transportation costs for the shuttle service ($16-$20 each way) and the additional pick-up fees for a driver to bring you from the fitness retreat (About $50 each way.)  This brings your total transportation cost to about $75 each way. Pricing subject to change due to fuel costs and mileage.

Purchase shuttle tickets from Bloomington Shuttle Service or Star of America Shuttle Service.  Click below to check the shuttle schedules and purchase your ticket.

We can also help you make travel arrangements for a driver to pick-you up directly in Indianapolis for about $120 each way.  Choosing a shuttle option plus a driver is the most economical because the private driver portion of the trip is more expensive.

From Louisville International Airport:

We can also help you make travel arrangements for a driver to pick-you up directly in Louisville for about $75 each way.  Please make advance notice for pick-up arrangements prior to booking your flight to make sure a driver will be available.

Private Aircraft Transportation:

Ask about private air transportation if you want to avoid transfers and save time with direct pick-up and delivery service via private aircraft.  Ask Dave for details.
Call 812-709-0827.

Other Area Attractions Near Our Fitness Camp

Detox Oasis Fitness Camps are located 9 miles from French Lick, Indiana in the rolling hills of southern Indiana.  French Lick Indiana is well-known for the healing mineral waters at French Lick Springs Spa and West Baden Springs Spa.  The mineral springs have attracted tourists to French Lick area spas since the turn of the century.  The French Lick Indiana area is a popular tourist attraction and Detox Oasis Fitness camp guests can enjoy private seclusion at our fitness camp in the woods of southern Indiana or visit many area attractions including:

  • French Lick Springs Resort Spa and West Baden Springs Resort Spa are captivating.  Our fitness clients are in awe of the remarkable architecture and the ambiance at French Lick Spas.  "Visiting the French Lick Springs and West Baden Springs Spas is like stepping back into the Titanic era."
  • Test your strength by conquering the zip lines at  Lark Valley Farms Zip Lines
  • Bike, hike or walk on the trails at near French Lick Springs Resort or Patoka Lake
  • Improve your fitness at any level on a natural landscape obstacle courses using stairs, bleachers, hills, stepping stones, balance or just surface level walking at your own pace as we take a walking tour through French Lick or the country roads on site at the fitness ranch.

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