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Fitness Training/Nutrition Classes - Starting at $1600.00 per session: 812-295-6235. Detox Oasis gives you the choice of having a rigorous or relaxing fitness routine during your stay. Your level of physical activity is entirely up to you.

We are the only fasting  & cleansing center that can step up emphasis on fitness if that's what you want! If you want serious fitness we are here to help, or, if you just want to relax in a hammock and not work out.....this is your fast /cleanse....and we will help you make it whatever you want!

Many centers claim that while detoxing it is too difficult to train with weights and yoga is all the body can handle while detoxing. Every person is different, each of us handle our own personal detox in different ways.

We find that some people go thru the program with just a slight discomfort and can maintain a rigorous daily weight or cardio routine. Others, although able to work out must take it slow and easy and stick with a light yoga routine or a walk in the woods. Your level of physical activity is entirely up to you.

We are not just a Detox & Cleanse Center ! Health and Fitness is a priority at Detox Oasis. Our programs are geared especially for weight loss and fitness jumpstart and improvement. For more information on either hard core fitness programs or residential weight loss see our other web site:

At the Detox Oasis you will find as part of your program:

Cardio equipment


A full weight room just like with professional gym equipment including free weights, cable weight machines and TRX suspension trainers.  This is not just a small hotel fitness room. 


Personal trainers


Small group personal training is included in our programs. But, if you want more individual personal training, let us know.  We will match you with a trainer on a daily basis for an additional charge $25.00 ( 30 min a day with a 1 on 1 trainer is great !) Or....train weights with the group and the training is free!


Nutrition Consults


You will need to know how to maintain the new fit body. Daily we engage in conversations on the art of nutrition. What to eat sometimes, what to never eat and what should be your daily staple diet. We will help you map out a return home plan consisting of foods and work out personally tailored to match your fitness level and fitness goals.  (One-on-one tailored nutrition plans available for an additonal fee in private session with fitness nutrition consultant.)


Daily yoga or stretch session included in the cost of your program.

Daily abs class

Full use of our 2400 square foot state-of-the art gym is included in the cost of your program. Personal training sessions one-on-one are available for an additional fee.

Call  812-709-0827 Detox Dave cell
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