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Owner Dave Marshall

In the mid 70's Dave was exposed to the Hippy culture in the mountains of Oregon where his father was living There he learned and experienced Juicing raw veggies and herbs. He knew as a teen that there was something to this organic natural movement that was popping up around the mountainside, just not sure exactly what it was other than it felt right.

It was not until Dave started out his own fitness quest at age 18 that he found he had a knack for getting fit and applied himself in the gym and he quickly began helping others reach their fitness goals as well as he needed work out buddies.

By the time he was 21 years old, he had developed clients as a personal trainer to supplement his income and liked just about everything in the fitness business except the pay. So he moved on seeking adventure and better income possibilities.

Educated as a Deep sea Diver / under water welder and later as a commercial pilot, Dave continued his quest for health and fitness as he sorted out what to do in a real job. By 1990, Dave built and owned one of the largest cable & telecom marketing companies in Australia and The United States. This financial success took Dave from 160 lbs to 240 lbs put on over in 10 years  by really good wine and food. Unsatisfied with the corpoprate uncertainties of the industry and wanting to perform a job and service that allowed a lifestyle that would be centered around health more than a good pay check he started looking around for a new path. Upon selling his Telecom firm at age 40 he traveled the world seeking health, fitness and martial arts training at retreats and camps that claimed results.

And results he found! He dropped 50 lbs quickly reducing his weight to 190 lbs. Dave realized that this is something that the western world would embrace....if modified. The raw retreats he attended would provide good results in three to four weeks but you were surrounded by 60% of the clients that were dying and seeking a cure for their illness. The detox retreats provided the same results as a three week raw retreats and in 7 days but, they had no fitness programs and no "going forward program" after you completed the detox.

Between the raw retreats in north America and the Fasting /Detox retreats in Asia combined with good low fat high protein programs learned by training in gyms with competitive athletes, Dave blended a method that has resulted in reaching weight loss and fitness goals in a hurry. Dave then met Dr Andry in 2005 a specialist in medical weight loss. It was this final piece to the puzzle that has resulted in a program that can change your life in just one week.

The oasis and its new fitness programs offer programs form one week cleanses and detox to several months residential fitness and or weight loss programs.

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