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About Us - Starting at $1600.00 per person per session when you bring a friend: 812-709-0827.  Detox Oasis fitness is conveniently located in the heart of the Midwest.    Closest airports for connecting flights into Indianapolis, Indiana (IND)

Detox Oasis is located in the heart of the Midwest near French lick, Indiana.  French Lick Springs is a resort and spa destination with a long history healing therapies from the mineral waters.  Owner and founder Dave Marshall has been involved in fasting, cleansing, raw foods, wheatgrass and fitness since the early 70's.

Over many years, Dave traveled the world staying at a variety of health retreats and centers. He used to prefer the raw retreats over the "just eat healthy" health and fitness centers. Then, he discovered that the fasting retreats in SE Asia created "miracles" in healing much quicker than the raw foods centers that he attended in the USA. He was disillusioned that both the fasting centers and the raw foods centers refused to allow a blend of services and methodology with their programs.

These centers were convinced that their program(s) were the only way to wellness.

At the Detox Oasis, we have an open-minded approach that there are many paths to improved health. We blended the best of the raw retreats in the USA and the fasting centers of SE ASIA. At Detox Oasis, you can expect to start to heal yourself in just a few days  or weeks similar to the Thailand fasting center, Puerto Rico Juicing Oasis or other tropical environments.  Our location is secluded and private. No paparazzi here!  We respect your privacy.

The Detox Oasis is not "A Detox Center" as most westerners think of in terms of "Rehab Centers." Our detox is not typically for drugs and alcohol.   A detox can cleanse your body from chemicals in foods, stress hormones, sugar and caffeine. A detox may work for prescription drug issues, but you should consult your physician.  Some clients find they can can get their head clear in one short week without the meetings and rigid structure of a medical center. Most people with a clear head make better decisions regarding the next path to take to achieve long term success.  We do not claim to diagnose treat or cure any condition or disease.  Please check with your physician before making any changes in your exercise or nutrition programs.  Results may vary.

Here we help people lose weight, start a fitness program and clean their bodies of the typical western diet that is loaded with too many carbohydrates and not enough nutrient rich foods.  See our page on this site "a typical day" and you can get a good idea of the program.

Expect some weight loss.  At the end of either the 5 or the 6 day program, you will look and feel better than you have in years!  Some overweight clients lose 12-15 lbs in a six day cleanse.  Other clients within the ideal weight range may lose 6-12 pounds during a 6-day cleanse.  Your results may vary depending on your physical activity, current weight and any pre-existing medical conditions.  Check with your doctor.

Dave's wife and partner "Wellness Wendy" manages the day-to-day operations at the retreat and assists with Yoga, personal training and specialized client experience.  We may use heart-rate monitor training to help clients reach their maximum potential independently and effectively.  Wendy attended the Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas.  She is a Parillo certified personal trainer.     

Andrea Connolly is a Yoga teacher.  Andrea trained at Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas.  As an added extra, Andrea provides massage and reiki therapy directly for clients at a reasonable hourly rate.  On-site massage schedule varies by practitioner.  There are several other day spas in French Lick, Indiana to choose from.  We can help with transportation.  These historic spas are only 12 miles from our ranch retreat.

Dave Marshall leads the personal training program.  Dave has over 20 years experience in body-building, martial arts and weight lifting.  He designs personal training programs for men and women of all ages.  He leads the personal trainers so you can experience a variety of styles and types of personal training during your visit.

Dillon Cornett completed personal training courses with Parillo certified personal training by with John Parillo.

Group and personal training schedules and class leaders may vary based on calendar year and weeks of attendance.  Previous guests, please inquire if you have preference for a specific trainer.

Contact us:

Wendy 812-295-6235
 Dave's email:
Dave's photo above.  Lifiting during his fast. If you wish to train hard during your fast.  Dave believes in EWOT.  Exercise While On Oxygen Therapy.  It helps him achieve great results.


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