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Detox Juice Fasting Fitness Retreat -
Private rooms starting as low as $1600.00 a week per person when you bring a friend. Detox Oasis is the midwest's premier MIND BODY SPIRIT fitness cleansing retreat.



Call Detox Oasis at 812-709-0827

At Detox Oasis, we provide individualized one-on-one services during our fitness retreat sessions.  So, if your call goes to our voice mail or answering service, we are assisting other clients and will return your call as soon as we are available usually within the next hour or later that day.  You can text a message to either number or e-mail us at  


Why Detox at Detox Oasis Fasting Center?

Toxins are polluting the earth's environment. 


Our bodies can be like filters trapping the toxins. 


Toxins in our air, food and water supply can sabotage our body's metabolism and our overall sense of health and well being. 


Eliminating toxins and rebuilding the natural enzymes and alkalinity in our bodies is the key to improving our bodily functions and fighting disease at Detox Oasis.

Eating highly processed foods can overburden our digestive system and mess up hormones. 

Toxins are internal poisons that come into our bodies and invade our organs. 


Too much mental stress or negative emotions can contribute to our body's toxic load. Mental balance and positive thinking helps improve mental and physical health.


Lack of exercise contributes to toxicity, too. 


But you can eliminate toxins when you detox or juice cleanse at Detox Oasis.


At Detox Oasis, we offer a supportive environment to help unload body toxins and get you back on track to feeling good at your ideal weight!

How Can You Tell If You Need To Detox?

  • Do you need to lose weight?
  • Do you feel tired, sluggish or depressed?
  • Do you want change your body to get more energy?
  • Do you need to jump start a fitness and nutrition program?
  • Do you have a specific health problem that is not improving with traditional medicine?
  • Did you just have a life-changing event that caused mental stress like death of a loved one, divorce or job change?
  • Do you want to clear up your skin?
  • Do you want to improve fertility or drive up your libido?
  • Are you overindulging in junk foods, drugs or alcohol?

Body Signals That You May Need To Detox....Do you have?

  • Frequent headaches, back pain, joint pain or arthritis
  • Bad breath or body odor
  • Food allergies, intestinal bloating, chronic constipation
  • Brittle hair or nails
  • Unexplained weight gain or trouble losing weight
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Environmental sensitivities to smells
  • Depression or irritability

Detox Oasis Programs & Promotions

Call 812-295-6235 for reservations.

We still have limited openings for fitness retreats.

*Other restrictions may apply.  Call for details.

If you have a limited calendar and need to request a special date, please call.


Private Room:  $1800 per person per session

Bring a Friend Each Private Room:  $1600 per person per session

Standard Program Session:  Typically Sunday Saturday.

(Inquire about individual scheduling accommodations & session lengths.)


New Look for our Detox & Fitness Programs at:

Check out our other Fitness Programs at:

Program 1:  Peak Performance Boot Camp

Program 2:  Medically Supervised Weight Loss Camp

Program 3:  Detox Program:  Aggressive Weight Loss, Cleansing & Fasting

Program 4:  Ageless Medicine Weight Loss or Anti-Aging Fitness Program


The Detox Oasis juice fasting and cleansing retreats are held at Elk Ridge Ranch in southern Indiana just 9 miles from French Lick, Indiana.  The healing properties of the mineral springs in southern Indiana and French Lick Springs Resort and Spa in French Lick Indiana are well known. Lodging for the fitness vacation at Detox Oasis is in a fully renovated 1890's farm house with private baths and satellite TV.  The guest lounges are in a western-style barn or in a private log home. 


Detox Oasis fitness retreats are held on a 120-acre private ranch with wooded hiking trails, a small fishing pond and a private 9-hole-par-3 golf course.  Your fitness vacation will be in a serene habitat for oxygenated air, natural setting with abundant wildlife.  Come prepared to relax and enjoy.  A full weight gym and cardio gym is on site with free weights, cable machines, cardio equipment.  Guided instruction by small group Personal Trainers. DVD library of "Mind & Body" fitness tapes on yoga, tai chi, cleansing programs and related health & wellness topics. 


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